Another year, another fabulous Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival!

The goal of the event organisers is to showcase the best in food, drink and crafts that Yorkshire has to offer, and they certainly succeeded again this year!



Why should you exhibit at events?

It obviously depends on the product you make and/or sell, but events can be a major weapon in your marketing arsenal that can:

  1. Increase your audience
    Reach customers who would not have found you otherwise
  2. Advertising through the event’s platforms
    Event packages can include promotion in booklets, on the organiser’s website, social media feeds and local press
  3. Word of mouth publicity
    There’s little better marketing than word of mouth advertising, and events can generate a ‘buzz’ around your company in the days and weeks following. Think about mentions, shares, likes, follows – friends of friends see these and so…your network grows
  4. Market Research
    Make sure you spend time walking around the event to see what other artisans and producers are doing. How do they create hype at their stand, what is their packaging like, are they busy online or do they do everything face to face? You can get a lot of good ideas from watching like-minded businesses!
  5. Customer Feedback
    Offer samples (if possible) and get customer feedback there and then! Ask attendees about your product, packaging and branding. Is there anything that puts them off buying? What made them come to your stand instead of another? Use the feedback to strengthen your offering

Give us a ring if you want to talk about events and if they would work as part of your marketing strategy.

Last year, we rounded up our favourite artisans and exhibitors, and we’re doing it again!

The Wine Chapter

A lovely little wine stand with very charming staff! Their stand looked very ‘veuve-clicquot’ with their sunny yellow colour scheme!

The stand offered a selection of prosecco and champagne, as well as a fairly large cocktail selection considering the size of the gazebo!

We went for a ‘proper pimms’ which means they added a splash of prosecco! You could even choose the sweetness and you got a good portion of fruit with the fizz.

The second drink we tried was the drink of the moment, the Aperol Spritz. The bright orange cocktail is making a big comeback, and The Wine Chapter’s version packed a punch with the addition of Bloom Gin.

The Wine Chapter The Wine Chapter

The Wine Chapter is a York based company offering bar service at weddings, corporate events, parties etc. They also offer at-home masterclasses and tasting.

Butternut Baskets

See the basket in the picture above ^

We bought that from Butternut Baskets, and they’re our favourite vendor of the festival!

The two ladies manning the stall (I think one was Jill and I didn’t get the other lady’s name) were already two glasses of fizz in at 1pm on the Saturday. They were certainly enjoying themselves!

After a quick browse, we learnt that Butternut Baskets import all of their stock directly from the craft makers, so they can cut out the middle men and pay the makers a fair price.

You can purchase baskets on the Butternut Baskets website.

Butternut Baskets Butternut Baskets Butternut Baskets

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese

Oooomph! The smell of molten hot cheese lured us over to the Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese stall, and once we were there, we couldn’t resist taking home a packet of the smoked cheese.

We cooked it last night with potatoes and courgettes baked in a drizzle of smoked Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil (see below).

yorkshire squeaky cheese

But what has really astounded us since we started researching the product, is the history of the company. Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese (also known as Yorkshire Dama Cheese) was founded by Razan Alsous.

Here’s an excerpt from the About page on her website:

“We came to the UK after the war in Syria in 2012. With my husband and three young children, we had lost almost everything and had to settle into a new life in Yorkshire. Initially I began searching for a job but despite having a pharmacy degree and a scientific background my lack of references and work history in the UK made it extremely difficult.”

Razan then started to look at her own experience and skill set, as well as her passion for food, and decided to fill a gap in the market for quality, independent haloumi. Yorkshire Dama Cheese was born and since then the company and Razan have won a plethora of awards and recognition.

An amazing lady and some really brilliant cheese!

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

Another favourite from last year’s festival, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil is made by Adam and Jennie Palmer on their farm in Thixendale.

This year, we spoke to Matthew Dixon, head of product at the company, about the growth of the business from the original natural flavoured oil to flavoured oils, mayonnaise and dressings.

Our favourite is the oak smoked oil, so we bought 2 bottles. It is unbelievably good drizzled over some chopped potatoes or brussels sprouts and then roasted!

yorkshire rapeseed yorkshire rapeseed oil

Heck Sausages

Heck have enjoyed massive success in the 12 months since we first saw them at last year’s festival. They’re now stocked in major supermarket chains around the UK, and their product range has expanded into burgers and meatballs as well as sausages.

We love the story of the Keebles family, who still work the farm in Bedale, and invite their friends and family round when they have a new recipe that needs taste testing!

Heck Heck

The Yummy Yank

Brownies, brownies, brownies galore!

Thick, stodgy, gooey brownies, with classic American toppings like pretzels, peanut butter and M&Ms.

The Yummy Yank is the business baby of Lisa Gair, an American who has lived in Britain since 1997.

yummy yank yummy yank yummy yank

Waffle Island

Waffle Island specialise in bubble waffles and coconut macaroons. We opted for the flavour ‘Quintin’s Favourite’ which was ice cream, caramelized peanuts, fudge pieces and chocolate sauce. It was epic!

bubble wafflewaffle island

The festival is organised by Events By B3 Ltd, an Events and Creative Management Agency based in Yorkshire.