Every business can use seasonal marketing to their benefit. You’re probably doing it already. But could you be doing it better?

First, let’s take a look at what seasonal marketing is:

Seasonal marketing is about looking at global, national, and local events throughout the year and capitalising on them to increase awareness, boost revenue and drive customer loyalty.

It’s fairly obvious but the actual seasons are included. Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall (I know, I know, “Autumn”, I just wanted you to sing “You’ve got a friend”).

But then there’s Bank Holidays throughout the year, Easter, Halloween, CHRISTMAS!!!

What about national holidays? St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most profitable days for pubs in the UK, with 5 million pints of Guinness drunk by revellers.

So how do you plan your seasonal marketing?

Identify common opportunities

  • You should build your marketing calendar every year, including recurring and one-off events that are relevant to your business.
  • Do you sell items for students? Then go full throttle around the ‘back to school’ season
  • Do you offer hospitality? Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…all great events that you can build products and promotions around

Identify YOUR opportunities

  • Your business will see patterns throughout the year, whether you see peaks in sales, or declines.
  • Track your performance annually to spot opportunities:
    • When you normally experience high volumes of business, develop add-on products and services to up-sell
    • If your business has quiet times, a special offer may help to encourage business during the period
  • You may sell products that can be easily developed for certain seasons. This might be hampers, beauty gifts, photography packages etc. With some simple imagery, landing pages and social media posts you can quickly put a seasonal spin on your regular products.

A marketing calendar is an essential business tool to maximise sales and track your activity throughout the year. We can help you to build your marketing calendar with our marketing strategy and planning services.

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