back to schoolWe’ve talked about seasonal marketing before, and today’s post is taking a closer look at the ‘Back-To-School’ season in relation to the Health, Well-Being and Fitness sector.

The holidays are over, and everyone is looking to get back into their routine after 6 weeks of days-off, holidays and ice creams. Some people refer to September as the second New Year, as resolutions are made again and goals are set.

How can businesses working in the health and fitness sector take advantage of this heightened interest in personal well-being to increase their customer numbers during the New Year #2?

Go find your clients online

I don’t know about you but during the summer holidays my email inbox just keeps growing as it takes longer to read and respond to non-urgent emails. But the plethora of holidays snaps and updates on social media shows that parents are still online in July & August.

Make sure your communications strategy takes into account the change of behaviour in the way that your customers consume information at different times of the year. Boosting, sponsoring and advertising on social media channels can make a big difference.

What’s Their Schedule?

Just because term-time is a return to a routine, doesn’t mean people still aren’t busy juggling their schedules. If you can tailor your service or products to fit in with the 9-3 (ish) timetable, you’ll stand a better chance of reaching the biggest audience.

Gyms and fitness instructors can put on additional classes between 9-3 to attract parents who are at home during those hours.

work out like a mum

Take Workout Like A Mum as an example. Sarah is a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer and organises group classes at 9:30am on some weekdays so that you can get your workout out of the way after you’ve dropped the kids at school. Her evening classes at 6pm are family-friendly and early enough that most of the time the kids hang out with their friends during the workouts.

Yo can follow Workoutlikeamum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Encourage word of mouth marketing

Whether it’s in the school playground, at the PTA meeting or in online forums, parents talk to each other a lot! There’s no better advertisement than positive testimonials from real customers, so encourage your current clients to spread the word!

You might do this through a competition on social media encouraging ‘likes’, or you could start a referral scheme where discounts or benefits are unlocked when your clients recommend a friend that also becomes a customer.

Once you have testimonials, ask if you can share it online, and tag the referee in the posts so that their connections can also see their positive comments.

All sectors have their own seasons, and factoring seasonal marketing into your strategy and plan can help you to take advantage of heightened interest at specific times of the year.

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