There’s a lot of statistics about when you should post on social media and how many posts you should publish a day. With algorithms constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up!

We’ve put together some of the latest tips from across the web, from influencers, bloggers and social media experts, to round up the averages across the biggest social media platforms in the UK.

Remember…these are averages, and what works for your business might be different from the stats. Take this information into account, but if it doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try something different!


1 post a day

CoSchedule rounded up the results from 14 different studies, and though the results varied, they say that business pages should post once a day. Smaller brands that post more frequently are at risk of coming across as SPAM if they post more often. Bigger brands (with over 10,000+ followers) can publish more often without losing engagement.


1-2 posts a day

Instagram is a tricky one as the feed is not chronological. Instead, users are shown posts in an order that Instagram thinks they want to see them, based on the types of posts they’ve engaged with before.
Influencer Management agency One Roof Social spoke with the people over at Instagram who explained a bit about how the algorithm works.

The top pieces of advice are:

  • Be consistent in the topics you post about
  • Don’t over use hashtags or tag people in your posts (all of our research indicates that between 9-11 hashtags work well to grow audiences)
  • Introduce new topics as early as possible if you’re working towards a new product or service launch, so that your account has time to grow engagement on the topic before a deadline


15 tweets per day
Every couple of hours

Again, the figures vary massively when it comes to Twitter, with some reports claiming there is no maximum number of tweets a company can post a day. But let’s be honest, who has time to tweet that often?

Look to post a mix of promotional tweets back to your website, share useful information that customers would be interested in from other sources, retweet and like other tweets – especially if people are talking about your brand, sector or product type.

We don’t normally recommend pre-scheduling posts, but Twitter is an exception. For the tweets that are promotional and don’t have any time requirements, use a scheduler such as Buffer or Hootsuite so that they can be posted in the early hours and late at night. Then you can engage on twitter during the day.


1 post a day

Every study we’ve seen has been in agreement that you don’t need to post to LinkedIn any more than once a day. If you have your personal account and a business page, vary the content to ensure that people who follow both aren’t getting the same information twice.


11 pins a day
Between 2am-4am and then after 1pm

The 11 pins should be an 20-80 mix of pins from your own blog or website, and then the rest should be from other sources.

Remember that these figures are averages from a lot of studies, so don’t feel that you can’t pin that really great image because you’ve already pinned 11 times, or you can’t share an article on Facebook because you’ve already posted that day. If your customers and potential customers are engaging, that’s the important thing.

Use the insights and analytics available within the social media accounts to track what works well for you.

Happy posting!