First things first…does your business have a Google My Business listing?

If yes..great. If not…get one!

It doesn’t mater if you don’t work from a permanent location, or you work from home, having a Google My Business listing is essential for good Search Engine Optimisation, customer service and increased enquiries!

google my business listing

Your Google My Business profile includes all of your contact details, information about your products and services, ratings and reviews, pictures and your opening hours.

In this blog post we’re going to look at adding SPECIAL HOURS to your Google My Business profile in time for the festive season!

Early in November, Google email their users to remind them to update their festive hours…

Google Special Hours Email

Special hours allow you to add opening and closing times at different times of the year, not just Christmas. Most commonly businesses will add special hours around bank holidays, especially the longer holidays like Christmas and Easter.

But there are other times when special hours can be used…

Do you open late running up to Christmas? Is there a local event that you’re going to be open for when normally you would be closed? Are you working alone and need to close for a few days whilst you’re on holiday?

Manage Expectations

We might not like it, but nowadays we have less patience than ever. Whether you trade with other businesses or directly with consumers, people expect quick responses when they get in touch with you. You might update your opening hours on your social media profiles and your website, but what about those people who find your business through a local search engine query?

Google My Business listings are one of the most popular ways for new customers to find products and services, and they’ll email or call directly rather than visiting your website.

You can manage expectations and avoid disappointment by adding your special hours to your Google My Business listing, so that your customers and prospects know that you aren’t available during those hours.

How to Update

To update your special hours, just log-in to your Google My Business account, choose the location you want to update (if you have more than one) and then click on Info. Click the special hours section with the calendar icon, and choose the dates you need to add special hours for. Click Apply and your hours will be saved.

Google Special Hours