Masque Photography

How were we introduced?

Sarah met Helen Booth, the owner of Masque Photography at an event hosted by Lisa Walker from White Apple Thinking in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Helen’s studio is based in Barnsley.

What was the requirement?

As the business owner and the chief practitioner within the business (in this case, a wonderful photographer!) it can be difficult to invest time and resources on marketing. Helen was looking for someone to discuss strategy with, and where she was best spending her time and money.

Helen Booth Masque
Helen Booth, Owner of Masque Photography

So what happened next?

We spoke several times about Masque Photography, how Helen had started and where the business was now. We then expanded the conversation into where Helen wanted to take Masque, should she specialise in Boudoir or keep an expanded offering? Who were the customers to target?

Once we knew the answers to all of these questions, we put together a marketing strategy for Helen, with actionable plans that Helen could deliver as the business owner.


Masque Photography is thriving as a Boudoir specialist photography studio, has been mentioned in several media publications and Helen and her team continue to create beautiful photography!

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Masque Photography Case Study