Over 2 billion people log on to Facebook a month!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other smaller and niche social websites all offer businesses a channel to their customers.

Businesses who engage with their target market on social media score well in terms of customer satisfaction, but also build trust to enable them to promote their products/services.


  • 82% of customers ask their friends, family and associates for reviews before deciding to make a purchase. [B2C Community]
  • 92% of customers value these referrals with a high level of trust. [Nielsen]
  • Small businesses get an average of 60% of their customers from referrals. [Kissmetrics]


Whether you need help to set-up your social media accounts, automate tasks to reduce workload, or create content, we have a social media package for you.

Create Content

All successful social media profiles have one thing in common…they share engaging content with their followers. Informative posts, pictures, videos, GIFs, MEMEs, infographics – you’ll need a mix of original content and shared content to keep your followers interested.


Updating social media profiles takes time, especially as most businesses are now expected to have a two-way conversation with their fans and followers on social media. It shouldn’t be the job of the office junior, or done ad-hoc.

Creating a content calendar for posting on social media accounts helps to ensure you’re always engaging with your customers and potential customers.

SBC Marketing can help you to identify which social media sites you can benefit from, create content to post and share, and set up automation to reduce your workload.


These platforms have sophisticated tools to help analyse the performance of your content and interactions, so you can build a strategy based on facts, not just blindly post pictures or links to your website.

But you need to know how to understand the data you get. And yep, you guessed it, we can help! Whether it’s social media training or providing regular reports, our social media packages cover it all.

Love a good statistic? Take a look at our Social Media infographic.

Social Media Infographic*Statistics from 2016