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Branding, Design & Print

When we first spoke to Jane and Steph they were about to embark on  the exciting journey to becoming business owners. Having bought the  business where they both worked when the old owner retired, they were  ready to give the business a new, modern lease of life and that started  with branding.

The dynamic duo had a clear vision for their business, and had already decided on the name and concept for the salon.

Marketing Materials

SBC Marketing worked with Steph and Jane to develop their core  branding, including fonts, colours and logo. We then created supplementary materials for their marketing.

These items included:

  • Business & Appointment Cards
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Menus and Price Lists

Wall Stickers and Window Decals

The MERAKI salon is flooded with natural light and is a beautiful calm  space. To compliment the culture at the salon, we designed wall stickers  for the entrance and the nail bar area of the space. We also designed  window stickers which were semi-frosted to advertise the business from  the outside. 

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